Quick-Response Graffiti Removal

Nothing defiles a building more than graffiti. Graffiti makes people uneasy and if it’s left for even a short amount of time it will attract more vandalism and crime.

Our team of experienced operators hate graffiti but love removing it! For over 40 years, Graffiti Guard Services have been attending to sites blighted by graffiti vandalism.

We have all the weaponry to remove graffiti fast, leaving no trace of its existence.

To combat the vast range of paint and markers used in graffiti attacks, Graffiti-Guard has developed a specialist range of products over the past 25 years.

Our Operators have years of specialist experience to ensure that they only ever use the correct product for the problem so that the surface is not damaged during the cleaning process.

We can work with all surfaces, painted or unpainted; from wood, to concrete, granite, plastics, metals and brick.

We also remove unwanted/old posters and other surface defacement.

What we do ...

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